PRESS RELEASE The Circuit Court in Franklin County issued an Order on November 5, 2019 which declares the building located at 101 W. Main Street in West Frankfort “dangerous and unsafe”. The building has been ordered to be demolished and all garbage, debris and other hazardous materials removed immediately. On November 13, 2019, the City posted signs at the building as a Notice to all occupants to vacate the premises within 7 days. The City has enlisted the assistance of Crosswalk to help the residents secure alternative housing. Crosswalk does have funds available to assist these residents in finding a new home. Also, Trinity Methodist Church is assisting with immediate housing in a motel or shelter. The City encourages anyone needing assistance to find alternative housing, please contact Heather at Crosswalk (618) 937-3581 ext. 151. Codes Officer: C.W. Stilley / Assistants: Debbie Ricci and Bob Maragni City of West Frankfort Codes link: